Mbau Spa

tailored spa treatments to suit your needs

Discover our luxury wellness experiences in the Mbau island spa

Relieve stress and leave the chaos of the world at the shore. Our experienced team create tailored treatment plans to aid you on your unique restorative journey

every guest is unique. that's why we staff our island with qualified specialists best suited to each guest

The soul is at peace when surrounded by nature’s beauty

mbau wellness retreats

defined by nature, guided by science


Refresh your mind, body & spirit with our bespoke spa treatments, designed exclusively for you...

Local ingredients like Fijian coral sand and our house coconut oil polish the skin and nourish the body. From CBD treatments using luxurious macadamia nut oil and organic vanilla, to body rituals using sustainably sourced seaweed, unwind in the Mbau island spa for the ultimate relaxation experience.

a selection of our treatments include:

Fijian Coral Sand Scrub

CBD-Infused Treatments

Full Body Herbal Oil Massage

Pro-Radiance Facial

Signature Four Hand Massage

Sweet Orchid Hydration Wrap

exclusively yours in 2024

Delivering the ultimate haven of tranquility and wellbeing

mbau island spa

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Discover Mbau

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